Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Glisten and a Midweek Mosaic

 I think it was about this time last year 
when I found a delightful "tiny home"... all storybook looking. 

And since I didn't get one for Christmas... I discovered something new this year!
Something new that I think everyone should have...
SHE Sheds.
They have the Man Caves...
So, now there is an answer to that!
Tuff Sheds actually are making She Sheds. 

Adorable, right?

I joined up with a little quilt along. 
released this sweet pattern...

I'm pretty much on target so far.
Well, if I make 6 more blocks tonight anyway!

I am so relieved that our family will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year
on Saturday. I work... so having the extra days off to prepare
 and get my shopping done
seems like a blessing!
ha... the first thing I'm thankful for!
The bonus is that (nearly) all the kids will be able to be home
to enjoy the day with us!

I hope your holiday starts and ends stress-free and
with lots of joy and laughter.

Monday, November 23, 2015

If I Show You Lots of Photos....

Will it make up for me not being here on my blog for over a week???

This quilt is called Sparkle Starter.
I meant to blog about it last week.

I had made it earlier in the year but it was going to be in a magazine,
so I couldn't say anything... or worse, show any pictures of it!

So, it finally came out in the new
 issue of Fons and Porter. Easy Quilts Winter edition.
Easy Quilts Winter 2015
The pattern was designed by Jocelyn Ueng at Fat Quarter Shop and
It's Sew Emma patterns.
I love how different patterns emerge when you start looking at the quilt.

I neglected to show photos of a little trip to the coast I had 
the weekend before last.
It was a perfect trip with a couple of girlfriends that I have known
for 30 years! Yikes... that was before children!!!
We all worked in Yosemite together. 
Ah, those were the days!
(insert movie clip from Dirty Dancing).
 those were
 the days!

The water was so peaceful... and the Elephant Seals were 
sun bathing blissfully on one stretch of beach....
Those boys are big! 

Over night there had been a storm which broke late morning...
see how the ocean looks now...

And it was super windy!

But all the weather was just part of the fun.
As we left there was a double rainbow...

This weekend I was in my sweet little  sewing room.

This is where I love to play.

And here is my view when I look up from my 
sewing machine...

Never enough play time!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Glisten Quilt Along and other group sewing

I'm backtracking to remember what I did over the weekend...
besides clean out closets!
One thing that I did was to pick the fabric collection for 
this quilt along by Clover & Violet.
I have been hoarding my Gardenvale fabrics... and was trying to 
decide between these and Christmas fabrics for Glisten.
Gardenvale won out... but I am kind of thinking about
making at least a table runner size out of the Holiday fabrics using
the same pattern.

I  cut out 8 stockings for Christmas. Four for the grandchildren. 
There are two more in the family since last year!
I made some new ones that actually coordinate for the "girls" in 
the family also. 

I worked on this little seasonal quilt project that Lori Holt 
shared on her blog last week to 
You can find the tutorial at Bee In My Bonnet.

Another little task was on the agenda...

I needed to put bindings on these quilts.
The two in front I had made...
but my DDIL claimed them and had them quilted
along with the quilt she made behind them.
The catch was... "as a birthday present" she asked me to 
bind them for her. 
(She's a smart girl)! ha
That was a year ago. 
 So I knew I had to step on it and have them ready for her
on THIS birthday!

Mission accomplished!

I also got reacquainted with my Vintage Farm Girl Blocks.
I made one for my group of blocks and one to give
 a blog friend and a Bees Knees quilting group member, 
...who is making a whole quilt out of this block!

Two hens a-laying... 
I have really been getting into the holiday spirit! 
I have already started listening to Christmas music...
and I am anxious to start the decorating!

(maybe just a few pine cones... subtle vignettes to start with)!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cozy Cottage Calendar 2016

This is the main reason I am looking forward to 
next year!
I will be looking at this ever-so-sweet
calendar in my sewing room every day!
 Fun in

I have the cutest friend who also bought this 
calendar but isn't looking inside until January. 
She wants to be surprised each month! 
That is so adorable... but
that is definitely not me!
I'm happy enough to be RE-surprised! 

Everyone (except Kathy) needs to see the most
adorable photography in Lori's calendar.

I just want to step into the pages!

Everything is so inviting and way up there on the cuteness meter!

See what I mean?

 I couldn't wait to get started on my version of Cozy Cottage!

I had a lot of fun making these little house blocks.
I even used fabric that I had been saving... only taking out off the shelf
in order to pet it every so often.
(The fabric is Milk  Sugar Flower by Elea Lutz)

This is going to make me so happy every morning...
 when I walk into my sewing room
and see this hanging there!

Here are some of the other bloggers who are
making their own Cozy Cottages!
Me?.... I'm going to make another version using the larger block that is provided in
the pattern and maybe a couple of pillows too!

Monday, November 2, 2015 
Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet 
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Friday, November 6, 2015
Erin of Why Not Sew
Melissa of Happy Quilting
Sinta of Pink Pincushion

Fat Quarter Shop has these fun calendars still in their store.
You might want one for you and maybe one for a quilty friend as well!
I want to thank the Fat Quarter Shop for asking me to be a part of this 
Cozy Cottage Calendar hop. I have enjoyed it so much!
One more thing...
Lori also has come up with Seams Sew Easy... again... something functional
but cute... with a capitol C!

I bought mine when they first came out... and I love it. I can't believe that
I don't even miss that masking tape on my sewing machine! 

Please go visit the other bloggers on the hop today!
And if you have missed any of the past days... go back and have a look.
I have been following all week and have been so inspired
by all of these creative and talented women!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

One For You and One For Me

I was locked up in Bees Knees "rehab" over the weekend!
I had some serious catching up to do especially since we 
started the "new year" and I hadn't finished my blocks from
last year. 
I was a bad bee!
But the good news is..
I got myself caught up and the blocks are going out in the mail tomorrow.
And I finished up by doing a block for ME!

I love this quilt that I saw on Red Pepper Quilts blog.

So I had to make the plans for one of my own.

These are the blocks that are soon to be 
on their way home to
their own Bee Hive!

Aren't they a fun assortment of blocks?
I love the T blocks... and wish I would have thought of 
doing an alphabet block quilt for myself! 
I also should have made a second hen because I need one for
catching up with my Farm Girl blocks... that will be next I guess!
The half square triangle block was fun... everyone will do a different styled
one... the big Star block was a challenge... and the other Star block was
a little nerve raking but I managed just fine.

But wait!
There's more!

I finished putting together my quilt blocks from the last round 
of Bees Knees. 

The coloring isn't great here. The sashing is a green pin dot by Fig Tree.
It was a free pattern on Little Miss Shabby blog. The orange peel blocks are so 
addicting! I have Corey's Playful Petals book and I'm looking 
at which quilt I will be adding to my list. 
But I also have another orange peel to put together that was a Tula Pink pattern...
more coming soon on that news front!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Twirl and Feeling Special

At my retreat, the weekend before last, I had a friend in the
group making Twirl. I loved her version so much...
but I got to thinking about it and remembered starting 
that project last year after the pattern
came out. I had seen Carol of Carol's Crafty Creations and loved her
quilt also... she made hers with just 9 blocks instead of the 21 blocks 
called for in the pattern. So, where was mine???

After some looking, I found it.
The units had been sewn. 
It was just a matter of putting the blocks together.

So, I did!

I still like Sally's full version of the pattern.

She used  
Somewhere Over the Rainbow fabrics by Edyta Sitar.
So... since this one was so fun... and
so fast to put together (I know, I had a head start)...
I might just go ahead and make it again in the batik fabrics!

I took the day off from work and went wedding dress shopping
with "my girls"...
my DIL, my soon to be DIL and her sister.
They are all the sweetest group of women!

She had a specific place in mind to shop at.
It was definitely a road trip!
We went to the Bay Area... it was a 12 hour excursion!
(largely due to traffic on our way back home)

This is not THE dress

But it's the only one I have to show you. 

When you are talking a 3 1/2 hr drive one way...
we encouraged her to try on several...
which was fun, yet serious business! ha

There are factors come into play when you have
 a spring wedding
that will be outdoors... in the mountains.
For instance:
A train on the dress is a bad idea.
But everything said and done...
the one that made her feel extra special
was the right choice. 

The first dress she tried on was the one she decided on.

It was such a nice day!
(I wish that I would have brought champagne though... a little toast would have been nice)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Something Wicked

I am looking forward to this weekend. It has taken me all week to rest-up from the retreat last weekend. But now I still have cleaning to do. 
I have absolutely no photos to share with you of the retreat.  I am so bad!

We had a great time though... and everyone seemed happy and ready to sign up for next year too!

Roger's Garden in a nursery in Newport Beach. It's amazing... it's huge... and they out-do themselves each year on their Halloween Boutique. So I thought I would share their You Tube video!
Someday when I am down in that area I will stop by there. I haven't been there for years... so I am long over due!

Sorry... I'm just going to have to share the link. It keeps
wanting to post it to my Bees Knees group blog.

Enjoy the weekend!
I am going to work hard on cleaning so I have some sewing time... 
and hopefully something fun to share on Monday!